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Ancient City of Ephesus
Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary
Bodrum City Tour
Bodrum Castle and Gumusluk
Bodrum-Symi-Rhodes Day-Return Trip **NEW**
Bodrum-Kos-Nisyros Mid-Week Mini Trip [2 Nights-Private Trip]
Bodrum-Kos-Nisyros Long-Weekend Trip [5 Nights-Private Trip]
Bodrum-Kos-Leros Mid-Week Mini Trip [2 Nights-Private Trip]
Bodrum-Kos-Leros Long-Weekend Trip [5 Nights-Private Trip]
Daily Boat Trip
Didyma, Priene and Miletos
Day Trip to Kos [Greek Island] or BOOK ONLINE
Dalyan and Turtle Beach
Disco Catamaran
Gulet Cruise
Jeep Adventure Safari
Jeep Camlik Village Safari
Jeep Sail and Safari
Jeep Sunset Safari
Pamukkale Calcium Falls
Pamukkale-Ephesus [Two Days]
Standard Turkish Bath        VIP Turkish Bath
Turkish Cabaret
Turkish Country Cooking Course
Scuba Diving - Daily Diving
Scuba Diving - Beginners Diving Experience
Scuba Diving - Non-Diver/Snorkel
Turkish Village Tour
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Excursions From Bodrum
Cruise Passengers READ THIS
Bodrum is a popular 'Port of Call' for many cruise ships. If your cruise is calling in to Bodrum we can arrange local excursions and other tourism services in advance of your arrival. Depending on your arrival/departure times you may be able to join an organized group tour, or we can customize a private tour just for you.

SPECIAL late summer luxury Gulet mini-cruise from Bodrum to the Greek islands of Symi and Rhodes
Daha Fazla Bilgi

If you're holidaying in Bodrum there are many things to do and see. After those first few days of total relaxation it's time to explore.

For those interested in all things historical Turkey is a dream come true. Bodrum is close to many ancient historical sites, in fact Bodrum was once the ancient port of Halicarnassus.

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From Bodrum it's possible to make day trips to such famous historical places as Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary, Aphrodisias, the Seven Churches of Revelation, Miletos and Priene to mention just a few.

All types of watersports are available from parasailing the skies to scuba diving the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.

We can even arrange a 3 or 4 day cabin-only mini-cruise aboard a famous wooden Gulet.

For a glimpse of another exciting side of Turkey, a jeep safari gets you into the wilds quicker than you might imagine. Our Sunset Safari even includes a 'chill-out' barbeque.

Or take a quick trip to Europe, the Greek Island of Kos is just 20 minutes away. We also have a midweek mini-trip or long weekend trip to the relaxing Greek island of Nisyros [via Kos].

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Daily Boat Trip from Bodrum with Aegean Tour Travel
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